Sunday, October 7, 2012

Invest in your kids

Investing in your kids might sound like the title of a brochure for a college or perhaps a PTA fund raiser. I am however referring not to any monetary investment, but rather to the time and energy required to create a well adjusted adult in a world gone mad.

150 years ago raising a child to be a productive, happy, God fearing citizen was a lot easier. There were less ways of finding trouble for one thing. Back then you had to really want to find trouble to get it. Now all you have to do is misspell a word in a Google search.

Many today focus on providing for their children materially. This is of course important, but what most children are lacking is not more toys or private education, but rather the attention of their parents. Instead of working those long hours to save for their college fund or that trip to Disneyland the parent's time would be better spent at home reading them bed time stories or out throwing the ball around. Its important to build this bond while they are young so that when they hit the turbulent teen years they will trust you enough to come to you when they have issues.

Parents need to repetitiously instill moral values into their children as well. This can only be done by spending large amounts of time with them. The myth of Quality Time should really be supplanted with the reality that quantity time is what's needed. Its not those fun but brief trips to the zoo or the amusement park that cause kids to open up to you. Its the hours and hours of mundane things like doing chores together, driving to the store and family dinners that give you time to converse and build trust. During these activities kids will talk and if you're listening you will hear things that will tell you how they're doing and what they're dealing with. Then you can correct problems while they're small and have the opportunity to show them you can help them with their problems. This then will enable you to instill moral values in them that will last a lifetime. Now that's a good investment.

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