Saturday, April 21, 2012

Its All in How You Use It

No Nukes On the Prarie

To clarify my previous post. Its generally not technology that's the problem. Its how its used. The classic example is nuclear fission. It has the potential to create value in the way of cheep energy, medical advances and even further our understanding of nature at the quantum level. These uses of nuclear technology obviously can increase our standard of living, extend our life and even satisfy our deepest curiosities. But it also brings with it the specter of instant annihilation and the poisoning of vital resources.

A less extreme example is email. Its great to be able to send data, pictures, video, audio, etc instantly to friends and relatives who may live thousands of miles away for virtually no cost. But how many of us feel chained to a device feeling the need to respond to messages ASAP. Often others expect us to be available and respond quickly even becoming perturbed if we don't. Like wise with cell phones whether using voice or texting many will expect us to be available 24/7. That's something the Ingalls never had to worry about.

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